Bottle Lake Forest Lodge
Bottle Lake Forest Lodge
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Bottle Lake Forest Lodge

Team Facilities
Bottle Lake Forest Lodge is a small private team accommodation complex. Play training and motivational materials on our video, DVD and audio system. Take advantage of our great location near sports and training facilities such as QEII, Bottle Lake Forest Park, English Park, Prit Park, Kerrs Reach and 8 golf courses.

Our single team bookings (conditions apply) policy, private courtyard and off-street parking ensures the security of your valuable sports gear, personal belongings and other equipment. The gates providing access to the Lodge can be locked at night to safeguard vehicles, or during the day to ensure our guest's privacy.

Barbecue or spit roast facilities are available on request. We also have facilities to accommodate disabled guests.

An 11-seater courtesy van is available for hire. The cost for this is $80 per day - first 100km per day free, there after 0.20 cents per km.

We have a laundry so you can keep your gear clean, Internet access so you can keep up to date and a well-equipped kitchen so you can keep up the energy levels.

Bottle Lake Forest Lodge